Who am I?

About me

Published: 05/15/22


I am glad you stopped by. Welcome to my blog! Let me stop you right there. I know you are probably thinking, "Whoa, why are you blogging?", "Aren't blogs dead?", "Go back to the 2000s", Although I don't 100% agree, I can see why you'd think that.

Some of you will think this blog will end up like everyone else's blog to you, dead, unmaintained, and lacking engaging content. I'm not promising you anything, but I hope to create some content that at least one person will enjoy, and if not, at least I had some fun making it! My goal for this place is to be a dumping ground for my thoughts, ideas, technologies I'm working on, and maybe some coding tutorials. I want to offer a space to share with coworkers, friends, managers, people up and coming in their development career, and anyone that wants to listen to me.

Now let's get to why you came here: who am I? My name is Jonny. I am a full-time self-taught software engineer. I primarily code in Ruby, Java, Javascript, and various other languages that I'm interested in at the time. I enjoy building keyboards, coding, reading, 3D printing, and anything nerdy. So you can count on something along the lines of my interests as some of the topics you might find here.

Thanks for reading and checking out my blog. I hope you stick around.